Being Bullied

Dear Jack,

It kills me inside to know that I can’t always keep you safe. I have to trust God for that. And I pray for your safety every night and throughout the day.  This is advice on being bullied.

You will be called names. You can’t escape that. You will be called the meanest names that are out there. And it will hurt. Names always hurt.

First look at who called you the name. Is it your best friend? Then ask yourself if they are angry and lashing out. Ask yourself if they are calling you names because you won’t do what they want.  Do they have a good reason to call you a name? Look within yourself.

If it’s not a good friend … then is it justified? Do you care what someone else thinks of you? Someone you don’t even want to be friends with?

I used to get notes slipped into my locker in high school. Mean notes. Notes with names on it like, B**ch, snob, they would rip out magazine pictures of tampon ads and scribble my name on them. I even had paper airplanes thrown at me with those words on them. I remember running out of math class, running to the guidance counsellor and telling her. She was so old. That got resolved. But I still don’t know who left the notes in my locker. I was terrified because I thought they knew my locker combination. Never give your teacher your locker combination number. Make it up. Or use a key.  When I look back now, it doesn’t bother me. I’m reminded that kids are mean.

I hope if you ever are bullied, you would tell me or dad right away. We take this very seriously. If it’s really bad, we will take you out of school and let you learn at home. There are always options out. We will do whatever is needed for your safety. No matter what.

If the bullying gets worse, if you are being hit/punched/kicked/wedgied … we give you full permission to knock them out. Go out fighting. Jesus said to turn the other cheek. But Jesus also turned tables in the temple and whipped the sellers. God does not want anyone hurting you. Fight back.

If the school won’t listen, talk to the police. We know a few people in the police force. We’ll help you.

We will always listen.

No matter what.




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