January 12, 2012


When I was in University, I was a volunteer at the Gender Issues Center. I learned a lot about how women should be treated. I know how women should be treated, but in your heart, you think it’s ok when men treat you badly. You think it’s ok when women treat you badly. You become so used to being treated a certain way, that when someone doesn’t treat you badly, you wonder if they really like you. One thing that stood out the most, that I think every man should do:

When you are walking down the street and a woman, whatever age she is, young or old, is coming towards you, and she is walking alone, purposefully cross the street and walk on the other side. Then you will make her nervousness go away.

And if you are ever walking with a woman, always walk on the outside. Unless there are scary people/crowds/groups of people, then move her to the outside.



ps: you have three very loose teeth. And they look funny in your mouth because of the huge gaps. You’re still adorable.


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