Music and Bullying

Hey Mister,

You’re doing music camp now.  It’s a full week at your school. Which I was excited about because you know the teacher and it’s a safe school. I am comfortable sending you there.

I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t terribly organized. You probably don’t remember that part.  The teacher, God love him, wasn’t very well organized he was the only adult there. There was a university student who was in charge of the games. And a volunteer for piano.

We talked about what you would be interested in. We agreed on the ukelele because next year you start music and it’s either that or the recorder. You thought it would be cool to learn guitar.

But then you chose drums.  I guess it’s because no one wanted guitar. The girls chose piano, you and three other boys chose drums.

And now there’s a bully.

Despite your sensitive heart, you seem to be handling him really well. I’m kind of shocked actually. Because you get so upset when you are yelled at. Or you know that we are very angry.  But you were fine. This bully whipped the dodgeball at a 6 year old repeatedly yesterday. You stepped in and gave him ‘a dirty look’ thinking that would stop it. And then he whipped it at your stomach.  Then you told the teacher because she was who knows where. They spoke to the bully. And five minutes later, he was doing it again.

I was so mad. Your father was mad. We tried calling the teacher to get to the bottom of it, but he didn’t call until this morning. But he spoke to Dad and things seemed to work out. The teacher said he would keep the bully within ten feet of him. But today the bully ran up to you and shoved you against the wall. And you walked away.

I wish you had punched him. You didn’t even yell at him to stop like we had practised. Maybe we need to practise more. The student aid saw and spoke to the bully. But it still made me very angry.

I am giving you permission to hit him back tomorrow. You seem to understand. You are to yell, ‘stop it’ and then punch him in the stomach.  I hope you do. Actually, I hope nothing happens tomorrow.

Because I saw the bully.  He’s smaller than you. Weaker than you. Has glasses for goodness sakes. And it makes me wonder how awful it is at home that he needs to direct his anger and someone else.

Again, I pray you are never bullied. Because it sucks.  And I don’t want your heart to be broken from that.


Incidentally? You’re really good on the drums. I think we might be in trouble.

I love you.