We are always complimented on you. How well you speak, how polite you are, how kind your words are, how giving. In grade one, we were told by your teacher that you were doing extremely well. In grade two your teacher told us she was sorry that she wasn’t teaching at your level. We have been asked if we wanted you to skip a grade and we said, no. We don’t want him to lose his friends that he had since junior kindergarten.

You are so bright. So smart. So many questions that I can’t even keep up with you. I took you to the Science Museum on Monday and there are only four major exhibits but we only made it through one and a half. You wanted to read everything, touch everything, create everything. We did two marble runs. We went through the crazy digital tunnels, even though you didn’t read anything. Once we got to inventions the questions came. I barely passed science in high school and I was explaining electrons and neutrons and how hydrogen becomes helium and how the nuclear reactor was too expensive to create energy for everyone.

Your school doesn’t really have testing. They tested last year but it seems as though they will be missing it this year. So we found some organization that offers gifted courses to children. Last night I signed you up for astronomy. Every saturday morning.

We are contemplating homeschooling.  Not because we don’t love your school, we really really do. We just wonder sometimes… we want you to focus on extra projects and to focus extra time on drumming and music. But there isn’t enough time in a day to do a full day of school as well. Our ideas are that you would do your required daily homework/learning and then there would be time to exercise and play and then drumming or gymnastics or tennis or whatever. We want to push you further and just a bit harder because you have so much potential.

You have asked me countless questions about how cancer attacks the body, how your body fights it off, how electricity works, how plants grow. Last night on the drive home we discussed how to create new species of plants through propogation and genetic manipulation. I said we’d try it on lilies. You were fascinated.

How can I not encourage that?

I think you like the idea that you’re ‘gifted’. It doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone else, it just means… I don’t know what it means.

I know it means that your heart is more sensitive. That you have so much compassion inside of you. That you hate bright lights, that you are aware of others’ emotions and their hearts.

I don’t know what happens next. I just know that we are praying.

I love you babes.


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