Others Think You’re a Hero

A comment from someone at church who helps out with the children’s nursery.  She wrote a devo and I encouraged her on it and she said, ‘by the way, your son is a hero’. And this is why she said it:

“Well, you already know how helpful he can be, and how he will be a leader when asked in children’s church and likes to teach the other kids. But what really stood out to me was the Sunday when the kids were supposed to be singing Christmas songs in front of everyone and all the kids bailed except for Jackson. So it was just him, Amy and Tori singing, really. And I was so proud of him in that moment because if he had gone with the crowd, (as in the rest of the kids) the singing would have been a huge disaster because none of them would have been singing. Anyway, he made a commitment and followed through and did what was asked of him and didn’t fail or falter:) I remember thinking, “wow, what a hero”.


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