You’re Nine

You turned nine recently.

You are so adorable.

We visited your school a few weeks ago, to drop something off. As we walked from the van to the school, I reached out for your hand. I gave it a squeeze and said, ‘I hope that when you’re older and holding my hand becomes embarrassing for you, that you’ll hold my hand at home, on the couch.’ And you said, ‘I feel kind of embarrassed I think.’  And I asked why. And then you shook your head, and took my hand in yours, firmly, and said, ‘if I have too much pride to hold your hand, then something is wrong with me.’

We had a bmx party.  Your father brought out a ramp, a piece of 2 x 4 that you were supposed to bike down, like a tight rope, and a ramp with a little ‘high jump’ bar.

It only took ten minutes for me to be bringing out the first aid kit.


You are smart. Kind. Compassionate. You are so tough and strong.  You always give me a kiss.  You laugh easily.  You make the best origami.

I’m crazy about you.


love mom.


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