Stranger Danger

Hi Honey,

Yesterday you were playing with the dog in the circle. I always keep an eye on you to make sure there aren’t any cars coming or dogs running loose – like our neighbour’s. Remember how much that dog barked? Good grief. And we’d always say, ‘Hey Dad! Copa’s barking!’

I was baking two pies for your birthday dinner with nana and papa. I was stirring the lemon for the pie. You came in and everything was fine. And then five minutes later you told me that someone had talked to you while you were outside. You said that he was an older gentleman, on a purple bike with gold mudtrims.  He asked how old our dog was and you told him. He said that Dad had cut trees for him recently. You nodded. Then he asked Daisy’s age again and then he rode away. I didn’t think too much of it, but then I asked what he looked like. No glasses, kinda scruffy. Greyish curly hair. And he was black.

But your father has never cut trees for a black man. Except Leon. And it wasn’t him.

So I worried. I tried to stay calm in front of you because you don’t want your children to freak out, thinking someone is going to take them. But I talked to your dad and the police came over and took a statement. Because you never know.


We changed the locks on the doors that night. Your father put the shotgun in our closet, just in case.

So far so good.

I hope he didn’t want to steal Daisy. A lot of dogs get stolen. We keep a close eye on her.

The worries never stop, do they?

Love you.


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