Today You are Twelve

Hey Little Man,


I don’t think you understand how hard it is to see you grow up.

The benefits are plentiful. But I miss your littleness. I miss your snuggly dependency on me. Oh, you still snuggle, but of course, not as much as you used to.

You’re twelve. I don’t even.

In one year, we have ‘almost’ completed grade 6. I was distracted by gardening in the greenhouse, getting the chickens and garden set up, and we did go to NYC for two weeks, remember? Remember when we came back we found out that some things were broken? Like my favourite arm chair had rips in the arms? Some of your Nerf darts were broken? And that awful smell that took us 4 hours to figure out it was a sludge of dead bugs in your air conditioner?

You auditioned, and got into OJYO. You played beautifully. You played Beethoven’s 1st, parts of the Nutcracker, Danses Cubanes (where Angus said, more cowbell), La Gazza Ladra, Beethoven’s Egmont, Slavonic Dance, Ritual Fire Dance… and this year you are auditioning again. You are nervous. I’ve had to tell you that you are amazing, and that you will get in. Because you will.

You began gymnastics at Gymnosphere and your coach, Michael took you to new heights.  Spinning on the mushroom, rings, parallel bars…  and now you’ve left Gymnosphere and you followed Michael to Resolute Gymnastics which is thankfully in CP, but not for long.

You’ve helped dad with many tree jobs. You’ve picked bugs for me. You grew too many inches. You are now up to my nose.


I want to emphasize just how much you mean to me.  You are smart, kind, so funny, a good snuggler, and good encourager, make eggs like nobody’s business… and determined. So determined.

I adore you and admire you.


You’re at Calypso water park right now, on the coldest day of summer after a long drought.


I adore you and love you, my little monkey.


PS: pew pew.


Being a Man

Hey little Mister,

I was speaking to one of the moms the other day. Cassie’s mom. And she called because Abby’s guinea pig had died and your class decided to make sympathy cards for her because she was so upset. You told me on the way home that the card said words like, ‘God will help you get through this’, ‘There are 10,000 angels watching over you’, and stuff like that.  She callled because she said your card was incredible. That she was so impressed.

Then she told me how you stood up for Cassie. How a boy had called her ‘fat’ and you stepped right in and argued with him, stating she was not fat and he should stop teasing her. She said that she immediately turned to Cassie and said, ‘you marry that boy’.

She said that you were such a gentleman, such an amazing boy because boys don’t stand up for girls anymore and you were rare and amazing.


Atta boy, Jack.

I’m so proud of you and your character.