Making Mistakes

Hi Babe,

Well, by now you have probably figured out that we are human and not superhuman.

We have too much debt.  Your father and I did not manage our finances properly, and we have messed up.  We actually went to a bankruptcy specialist yesterday and when she opened her mouth, I knew we didn’t need to go that route and we could figure it out. Learn better discipline.

You’re doing really well at gymnastics. And of course, gymnastics is an hour away and summer requirements are three times a week, for 5 hours each time. They want you to compete in December. And you just might. You managed to do a round-off, backhand spring, whip, back layout. Do you remember that? How could we not encourage you to compete?

My family is being crazy.  Their cottage burnt down last summer and they specifically told a mutual friend not to tell me. Which is typical. Of course then all the drama. And then I get an email telling me that the cottage is to go to myself and my brother once my father dies. So they can’t rebuild. So will I give up my inheritance?  Ugh.  So now, we are going through notaries and I have to wait to see if we’ll get anything for it, or if I will own a bit of land when my father passes.

A friend of ourse who suffers from severe mental issues, just confessed that they’ve been having repeated affairs.  The friend is severly addicted, and is having problems stopping. The friend finally told their spouse, and of course it isn’t going well.

It feels like a weight is crushing down on us. This will happen from time to time, because this is the nature of life.  I am choosing to be joyful, even though it is really really hard. I have to trust that my emotions and my heart are liars, because I know that GOD has this. His will, will be done. And it is always to His glory and His good.

Don’t ever forget, little Mister, that whenever it seems the darkest, and everything is quiet and pressing into you, GOD is taking care of it. There are battles being fought that we don’t even know about. But we do know that GOD has already won. So let Him care for you. Let Him take care of it. And trust Him.

You are an amazing, resilient child, and I adore your heart.

love, mom. (the bad mommy, the pew babe, and the baby lady)